WATCH: My Slave Sister Myself

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This short documentary trailer shows touching images of the black african mothers of slavery and gives a great sense of understanding and compassionate appreciation of what our fore-sisters, mothers, grandmother and black women of slavery had to endure in order for us to be alive and well today. We to easily forget our history not wanting to confront such a dark, violent and frightening past, but let us share in a moment of remembrance for women who should never be forgotten.



My Slave Sister Myself” is a gripping documentary film that reveals how hundreds of years of slavery continue to impact the African American experience. First person narratives describe experiences of enslaved females and draws a parallel to feelings deeply embedded in the souls of today’s Black woman. The film also exposes how slavery shaped Black manhood and developed perceptions about the “Black Mans Sexuallity” and “Angry Black Woman”. The sequence of events are revealing and groundbreaking. The total 55 minute film includes a (45) minute documentary and correlating (10) minute music video that immediately follows the credits.

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