Top Websites for Black Women’s Health & Fitness 2012

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This article is a collection of what we consider to be the best online source for information and activities on black women’s health and fitness. Fantastic sites that will help black women find depth of information on serious health issues, sexual health, mental health, diet and fitness.

Medical Health

Black Women’s Health Imperative

Click here for Black Women's Health Imperative Home Page

This site covers the more serious topics of black women’s medical health. There are regular update on serious health issues such as Cancer, Diabetes, HIV and heart disease, as well as a comprehensive list of resource for these issues. A great feature on this site, is their events calendar which is kept up to date with numerous events related to health matters.

Women’s Health

This site covers women’s health of all ethnic groups but has pages specifically handling dedicated to each ethnicity, homing into the health related problems more prominent in particular groups of people. The link here will bring you directly to African-American health, where you will find a long list of health matters common in African-Americans. This site is fantastic as each topical link further gives not only information but also websites, organizations and publications for a particular health concern. It’s such a great resource and starting point when looking for information on particular medical health issues.

Mental Health

Black Mental Health

Black Mental Health is dedicated to informing and building improvements in black mental health. As mental health is an issue which is often avoided in black circles, the site aims to open the platform for discussion and increased understanding. The site contain stats and facts on black mental health, along with a wealth of resources, news, articles and expert opinions.

Dietary Health


Frugivore is a great site for diet and fitness of veggy women. They have great recipes for vegan and raw food dishes along with regular articles on weight loss, fitness and some general news coverage on such issues. A great feature of this site is that if you are thinking about changing to a vegetarian or vegan diet there are plenty of great articles on women who have already taken that journey, that you can learn from. We love most their great veggy recipes, with mouth-watering images and well detailed instructions.


Organic Beauty Vixen

Organic Beauty Vixen

This blog of a black woman’s journey to eco-living is a great site for those who want to make healthy living a general way of life. The site is rich with articles about eco-living that take a look at the societal aspects, so you can expect to read article on natural kitchen products to ways to drink more water. As motivation for those who are going to make a healthy lifestyle transition there are also articles on “Vixens” who tell their stories. The site is fresh, sassy and shows how natural living does not need to be boring or restrictive but instead uplifting.

Enliven Magazine

Enliven is a Christian health and fitness online magazine that deals not only with matter of diet and fitness but also emotional and spiritual health. The magazine makes a close connection and balance between healthy living and faith. It is particularly concerned with assisting Christian African-Americans, make the right lifestyle choices for better standards of health and living.


Black Fitness Blog

If you’re looking to get your body back into gear and shape, this is the ultimate fitness website for black men and women. The articles and images alone will boost your motivation to getting your body into shape. The content is body health orientated with plenty of articles on physical health and body building. Training tips, work-outs, recipes for body builders and also a gallery of some beautiful sculpted bodies.

Black Girls Run

Black Girls run, is an organisation whose mission is to improve black women’s health by encourage black women to run. They organise regular events as well as running groups and provide articles and encouragement to keep the motivation going. Black Girls Run hopes to help women becoming more conscious about their health first by taking on a running challenge and then improving also their diet.

Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss

This is a blog of one woman who shares her successful journey to weight loss and continues to give information, tips and encouragement for others who are aiming at the same target. This light-hearted blog is perfect for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way with the support of knowing other women who are facing the same challenge.

If there are other great resources that you know of, that are not on our list, please post them in the comments to enrich the amount of information provided for black online health and fitness sources.

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