Why is it that: Black Women Only Appear in the Media for Musical Achievements or Hair?

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When scouting fresh media for interesting and inspirational news of interest to black females, there is a wealthy resource of material if one writes on the topics of hair or music. Hair or music…! Seriously, I find this concerning. Are these the only two topics of significance to black women all around the world? I think not. Then why is it that they’re the two topics which have almost exclusivity in the media concerning black women?

Music is a worthy achievement and I have no qua-rums about black women being given credit for their success in this area, however it is not the sole area in which black women are successful and I fear that this is how it appears in the media today and that it is sending out a negative signal to young black females in respect of their career options by placing an exaggerated high value on music and next to no value on other equally valuable professions.

As for hair, of course every woman loves to look good and most of all black women as can be told from the mega revenue generated from our spending on hair products. However, is our hair the only area of interest that we have, do we not enjoy arts, culture, travel, literature, politics as a few amongst other none beauty related topics?

I do not feel that the media is doing us any favors, however can we also be placed under the lamp for not doing ourselves justice by limiting our interests?

We would like to hear your opinion on this topic.

As a final note: In order to change this stance we have to make the news and not simply follow that of larger media groups.

Please note that this is the beginning of a new project called WIIT (Why is it that?) We are creating a platform where you can put forth a topic which has been bugging you in order to receive other readers thoughts and opinions, so please send in your WIIT questions and do not be shy ;o) Wouldn’t you love to know if others are thinking the same as you?
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  • http://www.ebonicspress.com Ebonics

    Luuuurve my hair and I’m passionate about music but my roots, interests and meaning are wider and deeper spread.

  • Women Are Gamechangers

    I agree. Don’t people believe black women have more to offer than singing or doing hair? There are many self-made millionaires, successful businesswomen, writers, community activists, etc in the black community who happen to be women.

  • SankofaMind

    Music and beauty: racial stereotyping. Back in the ‘good old days’ black women (&men) provided entertainment and sexuality. Full stop. We perpetuate this by continuing to put sole value on it. But think this is as much about patriarchy as racism

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