NEWS: Gambia Places A Ban on the Import of Chicken Legs

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On the 6th June 2013 the Gambian government decided to place a ban on the import of chicken legs into the country. The press release, which was signed by the Cabinet Secretary Mr. Noah Touray on behalf of the Secretary General, stated “After a careful review and consideration of trade and health related issues, the Ministries of Trade and Health inform the general public and all importers of frozen foodstuff that government has decided to ban the importation of frozen chicken legs into the country with immediate effect.” He further added that “the government has taken this decision to protect the health and welfare of the public and to ensure that consumers get value for their money.”

It was further indicated that in order to avoid subjecting importers to incur economic loses, the available stock of chicken legs in the country, after having been tested and found safe for human consumption, will be allowed to be sold.

Gambia is taking action to protect the health and well-being of their people, by ensure safe standards for one of the most essential elements for life on this earth, food.

Many manufacturers and distributors of food will either sell, donate or dump foods that they are not permitted to sell in other countries in the Western world to developing countries. Evidently, it is for the government of each country to protect the interests of their people respectively. However, it must be remembered that healthy people are the greatest asset to any country and great strides should be taken to ensure a strong and health population, that will be the backbone of a countries independently strong and health economy.

Source: All Africa – Why has Gambia banned import of chicken legs?

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